The benefits of open loop ground source heat pumps

i'm frank harris of HD services and redesigned supply and install open-loop ground source heat pump systems we're a drilling company of over 30 years standing and decided to get involved in open-loop ground source heat pumps as a natural progression because we already take water out of the ground and put water back into the ground via soaker ways so putting the water through an open-loop ground source heat pump system was an obvious choice of development for us as a company because the sun heats the earth every day of the year the ground one saw a couple of meters down for the next couple of hundred meters is it around about eleven degrees centigrade now if we can abstract water out of the ground that's in physical contact with that strata then it's going to be at 11 degrees centigrade and we've got bore holes have been taking water out of the ground at that temperature for decades we take water out of the ground and use that water which is at ground temperature to pass through an open-loop ground source heat pump so rather than pump an anti-freeze through loop pipes buried in the ground we actually use natural ground water as the heat source for heat pump within the heat pump there is a closed circuit and the water is used to heat a gas which is then put through compressors which heats it even higher and transfers heat to the distribution system within the house the water we abstract at 11 degrees C passed us through the heat pump and we then put it back into the ground at 6 degrees centigrade now depending on the site conditions if we can discharge that water back into the ground above the water table then that water is recouping temperature as it permeates back through the ground to the water table also if we have enough wit to ensure that we take the water out of the ground upstream of the recharge borehole you are never going to get anything other than 11 degrees C water out of the ground these systems are sufficient when used with underfloor heating where the water temperature doesn't have to be as high as it would be were to be passed through radiators we specialize in domestic installations where the amount of water required does not exceed 20,000 liters per day the 20,000 litre per day limit is set by the Environment Agency to protect the aquifers from derogation if we construct a water supply borehole we provide both the Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey with a record of the borehole log not only to provide them with valuable feedback information on hydrogeology but also to protect the clients abstraction from derogation the government have issued the Renewable Heat Incentive which is payable to people who are self builders to assist in the outlay of putting in an open-loop ground source heat pump system it's payable over a seven year period and the amount that you'll get paid will depend upon the installation we deal with both the MCS and the RHI and as a company would assist in completing the necessary paperwork if you would like to find out war simply visit our website from the postcode of your site we will be able to tell you whether or not the project is feasible you

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