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System boilers offer heating and work with an unvented warm water tank to supply warm water. System boilers are extremely high carrying out and are typically suited bigger homes with multiple bathrooms. It is not likely that someone would want to swap their existing system boiler and unvented hot water tank for a combi or heat-only boiler, so we have focused on typical circumstances and provided rough expenses for 1) replacing a system boiler in its existing location 2) replacing a heat-only boiler/vented cylinder with a system boiler/unvented hot water tank, 3) changing a combi with a system boiler/unvented hot water tank (common for those extending their homes).

The cost of a mid-range heat only boiler in this circumstance is 850. For more on pricing, read our Guide to System Boiler Costs. Kind of boiler replacement – typical figures. Cost will vary according to scope of works. Approximate expense with mid range boiler Time taken 1) Changing a system boiler with a new system boiler and maintain the unvented hot water tank 1,950 1 day 2) Replacing a heat-only boiler and hot water tank with a system boiler and unvented hot water tank 4,200 2 days 3) Changing a combi boiler with a system boiler and unvented hot water tank 4,600 2.

We have supplied two approximate costs for replacing a back boiler: 1) The back boiler is eliminated and changed with a heat-only boiler, however the warm water tank is kept. 2) The back boiler and hot water tank are removed and replaced with a combination boiler Type of boiler replacement – average figures.

Approx expense with mid variety boiler Time taken 1) Replacing a back boiler with a brand-new heat just boiler and maintaining the hot water tank 2,775 2 days 2) Replacing a back boiler and warm water tank with a brand-new combi boiler 3,200 2. 5 days 3) Replacing existing back boiler with a brand-new style boiler and decorative fireplace It is presently not possible to set up a brand-new back boiler NA We have actually provided some approximated setup expenses for 4 common circumstances (below).

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We have presumed a mid range boiler cost for a three-bed house with a basic setup set up. A lot of companies now consist of a power flush at no extra cost when fitting a new boiler and our prices presume this has actually been included. To make sure you are getting a genuine, good quality power flush you can read our Guide to Power Flushing.

e. there are currently expansion tanks in the loft) there are some building works, for example to brick up a large existing flue hole For a more comprehensive breakdown on complete central heating expenses including radiators, TRVs and controls visit our Guide to Central Heating Costs. Why do fitted boiler rates seem to differ a lot? To some extent the expense of a boiler setup has always varied depending upon who you use, however brand-new operators in the market have altered the landscape again.

At one time, a British Gas boiler setup might cost 50% more than a regional sole trader and for frequently a lessor boiler. Why? Overheads are bigger for one. British Gas has a substantial back workplace of assistance staff, sales staff and a network of mostly used engineers. It is nevertheless specifically since of this facility that British Gas can for numerous be an encouraging company to utilize.


That said, the popularity of British Gas boilers stays with older generations, which suggests the model might tail off gradually. At the other end of the spectrum are sole traders. Normally a single engineer, typically with an apprentice, working out of their van. Their overheads are lower, which they can pass onto the client by method of lower labour charges.

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Providing rates someplace in-between British Gas and a sole trader, the little local company frequently has a couple of office personnel, a few teams of engineers and has actually purchased systems and treatments. In Between British Gas, sole trader, local service, it is relatively simple to understand where the rate distinctions are, however they are no longer the only operators.

In this setup, each clients’ agreement is with the online business, however they utilize a sole trader subcontractor to fit the boiler. In regards to costs, the online quote companies have the ability to provide sole trader level prices by means of a nationwide platform. To start with since they have actually done without the need for someone to check out the home and secondly due to the fact that they can acquire boilers wholesale for bigger discount rates.

The popularity of offering quotes online has actually ballooned over the last 2-3 years with mainstream operators such as British Gas now offering an alternative to buy a combi boiler online. Even some boiler manufacturers have purchased online quote technology in order to generate work their network of recognized installers.