2 Lennox’s & 1 Ruud Heat Pump at Model Home

add another bottle after I kicked the rock and then to Lennox's four blades this is straight because no I bet this is the straight I mean yeah wait cannot see how so excited to see the Rheem case you know rings one of my favorite friends my real favorite is brand air but I like brings a lot to the model number 14 a CX o eighteen to thirty twelve this is either a one and a half turn or tuna I'd have to guess it's one and a half this one is for plates it's pretty weird that one it's two blades that is three plays and this is four blades pretty weird this heat pump know exactly 14 a CX o 6230 14 that was a model so this is either a 5 ton or two and a half ton and then cereal mother 1913 a 35 222 let me just

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