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To provide you an idea of current boiler prices, we reveal you in the the table listed below what you can typically expect to pay for different types of boiler consisting of combi, system heat-only and system boilers. If you’re a Which? member, you can visit now to unlock the tables and discover how much you must expect to spend for your boiler replacement.


If you’re not a member, try Which? today. Because this is only a photo, you must call a boiler maker straight for its latest costs and offers. Boiler rates vary according to the heat output of the boiler; in basic, a boiler with a larger heat output that is preferable for a larger house, will cost more than a boiler with a smaller sized heat output.

The cost of the installation will likewise vary depending upon the quantity of work the engineer requires to do to fit the boiler. If the installer needs to change pipework or modify the area of the boiler, this will contribute to the total cost of the setup displayed in the table listed below.

This need to include between 100 and 200 to the cost of installation. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), which cost from around 15 per radiator, can likewise be an effective method to keep your system well balanced and space temperature levels comfy. They can also result in lower heating bills if utilized correctly, as they can prevent rooms you don’t utilize very frequently from being overheated.

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Combi boilers are terrific for smaller sized homes or flats that typically have one bathroom. A combi boiler heats up water on demand and does not need a large warm water cylinder or feed tank. Just Which? members can log in to unlock the tables and find out just how much you should expect to pay for your combi boiler replacement.

If you want a brand-new combi boiler, make sure you read our combi boiler reviews so you purchase the most reputable brand, which is half as likely to develop a fault in the first six years as the least reputable brand. Heat-only, or gravity-fed or routine, boilers require a hot water cylinder, generally in an airing cupboard, plus a cold water feed tank generally found in the loft.

Since the warm water they produce is saved in a cylinder, they can supply a big amount of hot water to many taps at the exact same time perfect if you have a big household and multiple restrooms. Only Which? members can visit to open the tables and learn just how much you should expect to pay for your heat-only boiler replacement.

New pipework may be necessary if you’re changing an old non-condensing boiler with a modern-day condensing one. Expect to pay in between 200 and 300 for this. If you’re looking for a new regular boiler, likewise understood as a heat-only boiler, make certain you examine our routine boiler examines so you buy one from a.

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For a guide cost on system boiler installations, we would recommend looking at the routine boiler costs in the table above and including 200-400 to cover the additional expenses of a system boiler. System boilers are pressurised, so they’re excellent if you live in a home that has poor mains water pressure.

Head to our system boiler reviews if you’re trying to find a brand-new system boiler, and make certain you buy one from among the. Whenever your boiler breaks down, it costs usually 200 to get it fixed. With that in mind, it doesn’t take long for repair work expenses to accumulate, and that’s overlooking the inconvenience of days without heating and hot water.

The chart below shows the percentage of boilers that remain fault-free in the first 6 years after setup. The least-reliable brand is two times as most likely to establish a fault as the most dependable. Ensure you purchase a boiler from among the.Which? Trusted Traders must be your very first port of call for finding a signed up boiler installer.

Before you call an installer, ensure you have actually got a great grounding in what to anticipate when you get a brand-new boiler. Have a look at our quick and easy guide -. If you’re unsure what kind of boiler you require, take a look at our guide to, which compares this sort of system with the others.